Finding your Calm with Astrology

By: Emily Nelson

Emily currently works as a Flight Attendant and when she's not in the air, her passions lie in travel, astrology and mindfulness.

Both religion and spirituality can have a positive impact on mental health. In some ways, they provide the same impact. For example: Both religion and spirituality can help a person tolerate stress by generating peace, purpose, and forgiveness.

In astrology, the energies of the four elements of the zodiac introduce themselves as earth, fire, water and air. These elements work together to create a

heartbeat of the Universe. Learning the zodiac’s four elements is a helpful way to understand the themes and patterns of each sign since we already have a pretty good understanding of these basic elements to begin with. I’ve gone ahead and pulled a card from the Whispers of Healing deck by Angela Hartfield for each zodiac element and with it, given some suggestions on how to better connect with your inner and most authentic self. Especially during these uncertain and unprecedented times, it is important to take care of your physical, emotional and mental health/wellbeing. Continue reading to gain some clarity on your current situation based on your zodiac element.

Earth Signs

- Taurus

- Virgo

- Capricorn

Reading: Nurture card was pulled for this element of signs. It states “No matter what is going on in your being, it is vital to nourish and nurture yourself. This may mean learning how to listen to your needs. This card is asking you to balance the attention you give to the people and situations around you, with the attention you give to yourself. This balance will help you make healthier choices for yourself. Do something daily that is just for you. The way you choose to nurture yourself will be unique to you. You may feel the urge to exercise, to take a long bath, to have a massage or to curl up under your favorite blanket. You might choose to go to sleep at an earlier time. The most important aspect of self-nurture is giving yourself permission to make healthful choices. Maintaining a daily flow of self-nourishment will help you in many ways. Once a nurturing practice is in place, your energy levels will be higher and more consistent. This will lead to better decision making. In the card, a merangel hugs herself. Her posture indicates the need to strengthen the relationship with self. Her wings encourage you to assess your environment and find the information that will best support you. Try to place your own wellbeing at the forefront of your life. Make decisions in accordance with your personal needs. Nurture yourself to address the depletion you might be feeling. This card suggests you have been pushing yourself and need some self-care.”

Earth signs are known to be the ones who are most grounded and who bring all other signs back down to Earth. They help stabilize those around them with their steady and consistent nature. They protect us from the fear of uncertainty and keep us rooted in the present. Suggestions: pick up the art of gardening to keep being rooted in the present. Roam outdoors without any shoes on to bring you back down to Earth. It is believed that because the earth has a negative ionic charge, going barefoot grounds our bodies to that charge. Negative ions have been proven to detoxify, calm, reduce inflammation and synchronize your hormonal cycles and physiological rhythms.

Fire Signs