Sara works in Orthopedic Sales in Orange County, CA. She often finds herself in operating rooms helping patients feel comfortable in their "Ortho Gear" post surgery.


My name is Sara. I am a USC graduate and former waterpolo player. I am currently a Medical Device Sales Rep where I focus on bringing health and wellness to providers and patients. 

1. What does wellness mean to you? 

I think wellness can mean an abundance of things. Overall, it is a self satisfaction of daily living. For me, it is really taking care of my mind and body and focusing on activity that brings me stress relief and keeps a smile on my face. 

2. How would you rate your current state of wellness 1-10 scale 10 being the best you could ever be?

I think overall, I am at a 7 or an 8. Usually I am a pretty happy go lucky person. Of course we are having this conversation during the Covid pandemic, so I am having trouble saying I am at complete peace. A lot of my daily routine involves human interaction and surrounding myself by others, so being limited to virtual conversations have been a struggle for me and has really forced me to approach my day to day activities in a completely different way. I would be lying if I said this was comfortable for me to do 

3. When were you at your weakest and what happened that made you want to take steps towards healing yourself? 

I think my weakest point was my sophomore year of college. I had severe body image issues and was lacking identity. I came to a point where I was constantly getting sick, crying myself to sleep and struggling in controlling my anxiety. I think my tipping point was when I would get so nervous in the middle of practice, I would have to run out of the pool in the middle of a swim set to go throw up because I would get my stomach in knots thinking about hoe “I wasn’t worthy being here” “why don’t I look as good in a swim suit” “how can I possibly fake my way through such a prestigious program for 3 more years” It was a constant inner battle that I couldn’t let anyone know about since I wasn’t the player scoring all of the goals or winning all of the sprints. 

4. What gave you strength? 

I think our team winning NCAA finals was the most important Turing point in my life. I think that’s when I truly realized I could be a part of something special and I had control over my inner dialogue. That is when I really decided to start taking care of my body with the food I ate, with my daily activities and mediation for 30 minutes a day. I think this gave me a purpose and felt that in order to continue to serve my purpose, I have to also take care of physical and mental healthy in that process. 

5. What health focusses worked for you and have continued to be a positive in your life? 

This one is a tough one for me to answer since it is such an integrative process. Since graduation (2015) I decided to go on a completely plant based diet and remove toxics, certain medications etc from my diet. Becoming vegan really forced me to live a clean and healthier life style. Fast forward to today, I have noticed that eating cleaner, naturopathic medications and even clean beauty products has given me an immense amount of energy. I put on a smile for work everyday and feel more “fired up” everyday then I even felt as an athlete. 

6. Where would you like to continue to improve? What is something you are excited to try in the next months years etc.