Hi everyone,

I my name is Lisa. I live in Munich, Southern Germany and work as a content creator and journalist in the outdoor industry. A few years ago I studied Geography and graduated with my M.Sc. Since I can remember I love being in the outdoors and play in nature with my skis or on my bike. To combine my knowledge about the environment, climate change and sustainability with outdoor sports such as mountainbiking and skiing, I founded my biog in 2015.

What does wellness mean to you?

For me, wellness primarily means physical and mental well-being. If my body is fine, my mind is fine and vice versa. For me, this includes sports, nutrition, but above all balance with regard to work, leisure time, etc. Balance is probably the key word par excellence. In my opinion, if we are not in balance, we cannot achieve holistic well-being.

How would you rate your current state of wellness 1-10 scale 10 being the best you could ever be?

It's okay at the moment and I guess I’m at 7-8. At the moment I have a lot to do at work and the current situation is a bit strange and tense for everyone. But I always try to see the positive in situations. I can mountainbike, prepare for my yoga teacher training and I have a great family and friends, a cool job, an apartment and I'm healthy so far. So I would say pretty well and count me on 8.

When were you at your weakest and what happened that made you want to take steps towards healing yourself?

I don't know if I would call it my weakest moment, but in April 2017 I blacked out in a mountainbike holiday at Lake Garda in Italy and had a cardiac arrest. Just because I had abnormal heart rhythms and ventricular fibrillation. With a bit of luck, a nurse who happened to be standing next to me could revive me together with my boyfriend. I got to the hospital on time and survived without complications. To prevent this from happening again, I got an defibrillator implanted. This small device, a so-called subcutaneous defibrillator or S-ICD, sits below my left latissimus and intervenes if my heart should stop. Almost like at Grey's anatomy. Only without McDreamy ;-) After that I just wanted to do what I wanted to do. Before that I had a 40 hour job. I didn't quit right away, but I cut hours and only worked four days a week to focus more on the freelance jobs I really wanted to do and on my blog. In the next step I quit and now I have a job that I enjoy a lot and where I can still work as a freelance journalist and blogger besides. And above all, I started doing yoga regularly again.

What gave you strength?

During this time, but also in general, I always draw my strength from the outdoor sports. In summer on my bikes, such as my mountainbike and my gravelbike and in winter on skis. When I'm outside, moving in nature, pedaling on trails or surfing through deep powder, everything is forgotten. Everything is void and only the moment counts. If I can't get out, yoga is a good balance. But I still feel better when I have exhausted myself in nature before or discovered new lines on bike or ski adventures. And of course my family and friends are very important to me and always give me the impulse and strength that I need.

What health focusses worked for you and have continued to be a positive in your life?

Nutrition, sport, but also yoga. In 2011 I was diagnosed with a chronic inflammatory bowel disease and yoga helped me a lot. I have built up physical strength, but the time on the mat has also helped me personally. When I set the illness well, it unfortunately fell asleep again. After my cardiac arrest, yoga became an integral part of my life again. And apart from that, of course, outdoor sports. I'm in balance here. I move in nature, far away from everything and am am completely with myself.

Where would you like to continue to improve? What is something you are excited to try in the next months years etc.

In the next few months I am really looking forward to starting my Yoga Teacher Training. I would like to convey the positive aspects of yoga for body and mind to others and above all show that yoga is much more than doing a few contortions on a rubber mat. I would also like to do further t