5 Mystical Tools- for Understanding and Appreciating your Innate Gifts

By: Nikki D'Ambrosia (Mystical Mentor)


Description: This blog post highlights the basics of tools like astrology, human design, numerology, Meyers Briggs, and enneagram to understand yourself deeper and more clearly.

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Many often look away from mystical practices such as astrology and numerology because there isn’t enough proof or maybe they feel it’s too much of a coincidence how accurate these tools can be. For me, I’m the opposite. When it comes to tools that help me understand myself better, I’m all for it. 

In the past few years, as I have awakened to my spirituality and to a world greater than the physical world we are living in, I see all of this information as a tool that can give us greater insight into who we are, our innate gifts, and in response, more security in showing up as our most authentic selves.

Understanding my natal chart, human design profile, and taking personality tests like the Meyers Briggs have given me access to seeing the parts of myself that I often hide away from the world. This deep understanding of myself, and having an external resource validate this, gives me permission to step into the fullest expression of myself and move past societal expectations, limiting beliefs, and anything else keeping me small in life.

I hope that as you navigate this journey inward, these tools give you clarity, assurance, and cultivate a deep love for who you are and have always been in the core of your being. Don’t let this information overwhelm you but rather, inspire you to take the steps forward into letting your soul unfold in this lifetime. 

  1. Astrology

  2. Astrology is based on the placement and movement on the stars and planets in our sky. Our Natal, or Birth, Chart is basically a chart of the sky at the moment that we were born. It can show you insights into your personality, life cycles, your purpose, how you process emotions, subconscious desires, etc. Astrology isn’t just reading your horoscope each morning–it can lead us to understand who we at the core of our soul. 

  3. To look up your chart, you simply need your birth time, date, and location, and websites like Cafe Astrology will generate a chart and give you insight into what each placement means. 

  4. Human Design

  5. Human Design is a map of your unique design–it combines astrology, I Ching, Kabbalah, and Chakras to give you a better understanding at how you operate best in this world. Human Design consists of 5 main energy types: Generator, Manifesting Generator, Manifestor, Projector, and Reflector. Each of these energy types responds to the world in a unique way and depending on other aspects of your profile, you can see your purpose, shadow aspects of self, and how to better operate physically and mentally. 

  6. Like Astrology, you’ll need your birth information (you’ll begin to see that this is a theme) and you can find your chart at jovianarchive.com. Interior Creature is a really great blog that I use to dive deeper into understanding my chart.

  7. Gene Keys

  8. I’ll be honest, I was only recently introduced to gene keys so I don’t know *all* that much about them. Gene Keys are related to astrology and human design and they give you a holographic profile that gives insight into your life’s work and serves as a contemplative resource. Meaning, as you begin to reflect and understand more of your profile, you unlock more understanding of yourself. I like this resource because I think reflection is such a huge part in connecting with ourselves.

  9. You can find your holographic profile at genekeys.com and a really great free program to work through your profile deeper is called Play Akasha: The Game of Life.

  10. Numerology

  11. Numerology gives significance to numbers and based on our birth chart, gives us meaning to our personality, life path, and even life cycles that we encounter throughout our life. This system, stemming from Pythagoras, is based on 9-year cycles and can show how specific numbers combine to give us a higher meaning to our lives.

  12. One of my favorite resources is Teledipity. I love this website because it gives you a complete snapshot of who you are as well as in-depth descriptions of what year you are in and what each month will bring. It is a wealth of knowledge that I find few know about.

  13. Myers-Briggs

  14. Myers-Briggs isn’t mystical, per say, but I do think it is an incredible tool in understanding yourself better. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a fairly popular personality test based on 16 different personality tests. I find that this is a more practical way to begin understanding your personality, habits, tendencies, and how you operate in this world. If Astrology and Human Design feel a little ~out there~ for you right now, this is rooted in psychology and can feel much more approachable.

  15. 16personalities.com is the website where you can take the test and understand your personality type better.

Like I said earlier, these are all tools to give you a deeper insight into who you are, your potential, how you interact with others, and your subconscious beliefs. But these won’t tell you the answers to your questions about life. They can guide you in the right direction but life is about living. Often, we must experience our life–the trials and tribulations and all of the uncertainty–in order to learn and evolve as a soul. Take your time with digesting this knowledge and a new understanding of self. There is no rush.

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