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INDIVIDUAL Psychotherapy Session

As a  humanistic mental health therapist, I’ve found that it is essential to foster an environment that feels supportive, comfortable, and collaborative. I utilize evidence based practices and creative holistic approaches throughout the therapeutic process, with the understanding that your therapeutic experience should be entirely individualized to meet your intentions for seeking support.  

Some of the interventions you can anticipate being used through our collaborative therapy is Eye movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance commitment Therapy (ACT),  Motivational Interviewing, Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT), Problem solving therapy, Mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR), Trauma informed therapy.

If you would like more insight into any of the listed interventions, they will be openly discussed throughout treatment. Again, this is about meeting you where you are at and taking you where you want to go collaborativelyOur sessions might make you feel things or see things in a way you never did before. If you are down for that, so am I!

License: #94003

Supervisor: Danielle Organista, LMFT  License #39059


PTSD, Anxiety disorders, Depression, Attachment issues,  Eating disorders, Intimacy issues, Blocking beliefs, identity, Stress, Self-esteem, and of course your Personal Goals.


INDIVIDUAL Coaching Session

As a wellness coach I utilize my clinical knowledge as a foundation to my work and a continuation of , with an understanding that wellness support is not a “one-size fits all.” Coaching is a short-term proactive approach that is often a better fit for those who do not like traditional therapy. Ideally you will be taking the work that we do together and applying it to your daily life for best results.


I will provide psychoeducation when needed, life skills, coping skills, communication skills, organization, stress reduction, behavioral modification  and much more as needed. Together we will develop your goals, explore your experiences, behaviors, and beliefs. With the benefit of fresh insight, you will be able to identify patterns that might be holding you back from authentic living while gaining the strength and strategies to overcome them. With insight comes knowledge, and the ultimate power to realign and transform.

There is nothing better to me than supporting a client who has just had a major “aha!” moment of insight that is about to change the way they look at everything. Those breakthroughs are what energize and inspire my work.


Life transitions, relationships, Values,  identity, stress, boundary-setting, self-esteem, life-balance, personal goals, sexuality, athlete mentality (read more below), and communication. 


Athlete Consultation

My coaching passion lies in conscious athletics. Conscious athletics exists in two realms; 1. The athlete that is currently competing and training 2. The individual who possesses the mentality of a competitor and is navigating life outside of athletics. 

The conscious athlete is someone that strives for greatness in almost all facets of life, always seeking to be the best and live life to it's fullest. This mentality is powerful in itself but it can perpetuate the development of anxiety, stress, and perfectionism. My style of consultation is to honor the ambition of the conscious athlete and create healthy life balances so they can reach their goals that will lead to longevity. I do this by examining mental, physical, and spiritual factors. Some of the most profound work I have done with clients has been around the conscious athlete dynamic. 


Mental Stamina, goal development, communication, boundary-setting, power struggles, life transitions, conflict management, emotional reactivity, injury prevention, nutrition, recruiting, identity, anxiety, stress, career trajectory, professional development, resume building. 


TELE-Wellness Sessions

For those who find it preferable to stay at home for reasons of comfort, convenience, or other restrictions, I offer Tele-wellness sessions. These are live video sessions offered through zoom or phone sessions if that better suits your needs. This service is for persons worldwide requesting coaching and in the state of CA requesting Psychotherapy.