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You may have seen the term “intuitive wellness” thrown around and wondered what makes it different.

Here are a few examples of how I operate within my wellness work:


✖️ Sit & stare at you in silence.

✖️ Ask you “how do you feel about that?” over & over.

✖️ Assume anything about you.

✖️ Pretend that I am the expert on who you are and what you have gone through.



✔️ Stay relevant.

✔️ Operate as an ally rather than an authority.

✔️ Sit in the room WITH you. (or walk in a park, or talk on the phone, or zoom) 

✔️ Market through social media…because that’s where my clients hang out.

✔️ Offer Zoom sessions & most of my forms online.

✔️ Tailor my approach to the client’s individual needs instead of using blanket approaches.

✔️ Welcome real language in session (sometimes that includes cursing). I want you to show up as yourself.

✔️ Focus on your goals and help you problem-solve when needed.

✔️ Continue to support you and your needs outside of sessions so we continue growing our relationship!

✔️ Clinically asses and diagnose upon request 

✔️ Have a licensed supervisor for consultation purposes.



MOST IMPORTANTLY: The Intuitive Wellness approach believes in the importance of addressing individuals uniquely. By acknowledging that every single person has their own path within wellness & it should feel authentic to them. It incorporates the mind-body connection as an essential component to intuitive healing and individual awareness. Lastly, empowering every client to use all wellness guidance as a catalyst for their own self-healing process (doing the work outside of sessions is essential).


Wellness/mental health services are becoming more open and more accessible. People are realizing that there are things they need to talk about, no shame. Intuitive wellness is the idea that being well is for everyone. You were born with everything you needed to be truly amazing in this life and I am here to support your path! Bonus: Give you some sweet skills and techniques to keep you moving towards your unique goals!  

I am SO proud of my clients who come in already viewing wellness this way, as well as the clients who come to recognize through our work together that they hold the power to their own destiny in this life. With the right information, support, and intuitive-decision making the possibilities are truly endless. The desire to be well is already there. The support might not be & that is where I come in...