Eike Daube

Holistic Mental Health Therapist


Eike Daube


Individualized, Empowering, and Relatable Offerings for Teens & Adult's.

Registered Associate CSW 94003
Supervised by: Patti huber LCSW 21064

Working Together

Get to know Eike 

When you are a client of mine, I take the time to really get to know you, so it’s only fair that you get to know a little about me too. Learn about my credentials, coaching philosophy, and my life outside the office.


Let’s work together!

Wherever you are in your life everyone deserves to have support that will empower them.

Intuitive Wellness

Supportive Services are not a “one size fit’s all”. My approach to individualized & deeply rooted in an intuitive wellness philosophy. It is empowering and relatable. Click below to read more about it. 


My Approach is Simple...

The Relationship is Everything.

I have had success in working with the most diverse clients with my engaging and easy-going style. I don't believe in forcing specific interventions/ healing modalities if it is not something you enjoy or find suitable for your unique journey.  I choose to practice an intuitive approach to wellness that speaks to the population I work with. It also feels most authentic to me. Read more about my intuitive wellness approach here


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For a Better Idea of What Working with me Looks like. Check out my Instagram